Monday, June 16, 2008

Vanilla "Shake" - South Beach style

I haven't been cooking much lately (blessing of living at a camp... they cook... we eat!) Plus I'm also back on Phase One of South Beach... so how about a new treat I came up with..

Freeze some skim milk in a freezer-safe bag
Dump frozen milk (minus the bag), Splenda (about 1 TBSP), and 1 tsp vanilla in blender.
Blend adding fresh skim milk as need to make a smooth texture!
It's great! Refreshing - and "almost" tastes like a shake!

Sorry that's all I've got for now! I'll try to do better next Monday!


Lp Copeland said...

Do you live at a camp? Where? That sounds like a great life, to me.

Karen said...

Yes, Right now we are finishing up our 5th week of FAMILY CAMPS... 2 more to go for the summer then 2 in the fall!